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Born in april 2016, IRON® ATELIER, based on the Emeraud Coast of Britany, is a French objects and furniture manufacturer.Our products are exclusive to our brand. We garanti you a 100% French made design and creation.

The rotomoulding is a mouled shaped processus.its polyethylene material is 100% recyclable, UV lights resistant and can diffuse an incredible lightening.

Behind the brand IRON® ATELIER, there is Fabien delamaire with lore than 15 years experience in the rotomoulding industry and specialised in moul conception within the company. IRON® ATELIER can bring to life any ideas even the most originals…

Tailord needs

IRON® ATELIER can offer you his expertise to bring to life any rotomoulded products. Evrey steps of the processus  is made by  the IRON® ATELIER's team, to assure you fast and efficient services.
There is an indefinit list of produts that can be made to suit every projects like community parks,businesses, hotels,animals shop, urbains living...
If you have any projects plans do not hesitate to contact us.